Veins: up-dating a transpiration cycle


Transpiration of human and nature.


Transpiration cycle has started one week ago.

It will become an eco system of human blood, nails and hair (in liquids of NaOh and hydrogen peroxide) and natural ingridents: mudd and plants.

Thhrough out 3 weeks of time I am checking the temperature and humidity in the jar (by Arduino and thermo sensor). There is approximately 24c in the jar and between 60-40% of humidty. The exact numbers are hard to be determind, because of everyday variations.

The water cress and the climber  weed are nicely growing within mentioned conditions. (picture missing).


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At the same time, I have menaged to create 3V of an electricity from the mudd (Ljubljanas swamp place “Barje”). Therefore the final idea is to create a web “of veins” which will connect 12 jars of mudd with a jar containing human ingridients.


At the end, I would like to create a workshops for children and adults to learn about the eco-electricity and mulitply my product with their own personal ingrdients. Within this workshops I will be able to create a space of  an eco-electrical veins including indivdual eco-systems of man and nature.



VEINS: idea #2

“To find the vain is as finiding a life.”




At Zavod Kersnikova in Ljubljana,  I am developing a Bio-technical-Art project, where I am researching the field of  “Veins” and its the most important function :


circyling of  life important liquids/ micro parts in the fast flow.


While preparing the prototip of a vacuumed jar with a young plant, I started to decompose human ingridients. I hope make a useful liquid which will be added to the plant as “a food” or “waste bacetria”.


image #1 and 2: 4 different tests of human tissue in the chemicals, image#, image#3 human blood and plasma in NaOh, image #4: Human blood, plasma, hair and nails in hydrogen peroxid.


Presented idea is the second option so far. Since February I am working on tests where we (students of microbiology) are trying to find the way of combining human tissue (Human blood and plasma, nails, hair, skin etc.) with plants tissue.

“Idea #2” is to create a selfsufficient biosystem where plants waste bacetrias and human waste tissue could produce an “eco-electricity”. *** Nevertheless, this idea is not only about making electricity and “new” bio-system, it is also about connecting two seperated systems by the energy of eachother.

It is about presenting a circyling of an energy and life important liquids: blood and water by the universal pattern of veins, which is connecting is all: bodies and the planet itself.


 We are all connected by the same tisse, the tissue of veins.


*** The idea about making an electricity out of waste plants bacteria is comming from Nederlands:, shoots, and leaves – Electricity from living plants – science






test #4: Carnivour Sarracenia – Cobra Lily : Human blood

Carnivour Sarracenia- Cobra Lily : Human blood

(Research project about “Veins”, at Zavod Kersnikova, Ljubljana, SLO)



After a month of a break from experimenting with plants and human blood, it will come a time for a new test. This time, I will try to feed Carnivour plants (insect eating plants) with human blood.


My question or goal is still the same:

How could a plant “digest” human blood as it digests water?


So far I have been trying to inject diluted human blood (with antigloucant) to green stemed plants (Basilica and Andian Apple plant). I have also tried to mix human blood with water and antigloukant and  plasma. All 3 tests has been a faliure, due to the phisiology of plants xylem (the size of it is too small to accept human cells).

This time, I will try to feed carnivour plants with human blood (test:”4a”) and with insects dipped into human blood.


p.s.: After 2 weeks of observing this plants, they have digested 3 big flies…crazy plants!!!!






 Walking performans ali zvočni sprehod na Mariborskem otoku


Mapiranje spominov A.PODREKA plakat



Projekt bazira na opravljenih intervjujih z lokalnimi prebivalci, živečimi ob reki Dravi.

Projekt me je zanimal izključno iz vidika raziskovanja reke kot vodnega telesa, saj  reka venomer teče »skozi prostor in čas človeške zgodovine«. Za seboj pusti sledi, katere so tako-rekoč »sledi narave in človeka«. Zanimalo me je torej sožitje, zgodovina ter etnografija reke, katero sta ustvarila voda in človek.

Ideja za projekt, je bila zasnovana ze med studijem scenografije v Utrechtu /Nl, kjer sem mapping in walking performans raziskovala skoraj skozi cel prvi letnik. Tovrstna predstava na lokaciji  ali »Site Specific performans«  izhaja iz postmodernega gledališča, torej iz obdbobja 70h let prejšnjega stoletja. Walking in mapping se glede na obliko in vsebino zelo raznoliko prepletata, zdruzjejo pa ju zgodbe narave (določene lokacije) in človeka.

Zgodbe so torej bistvenega pomena, ali kar temelj takega projekta. Vprašanja za intervjuje so bila osnovana na spominih ter osebnih izpovedih o doživljanju oziroma življenju z reko Dravo. Pogovarjala sem se z generacijo nekje med 30 ter 70 let, saj je prav omenjena generacija doživela preobrat, transformacijo reke Drave. Le-ta je z  izgradnjo hidroelektrarn popolnoma spremenila svoj karakter; Gospa Drava- neukročena in divja reka je postala umirjena, lenobna reka, ki je omogočila »ponovno rojstvo; »Novo Dravo«. Torej gre za široko spremembo življenja reke in ljudi. Spremenil se je ne samo okoliš in »nivo« Lenta temveč tudi celotno pojmovanje reke, kot kulturno-rekreativni element mesta Maribor.

Skozi pogovore s prebivalci z različnimi ozadji ter poklici, smo našli vzporednice glede dojemanja reke v preteklosti ter opisali njeno spremembo skozi osebne pripovedi. Gre za zgodbe o otroških spominih na pravljični, Robinzonski gozd, zgodbe o prvih ljubezni in strahovih, grozečih, smrtnosnih poplavah ter zgodbe o povsem drugačni kulturno-politični sceni, ki je spremenila in ustvarila Festival Lent- Lent kot največji kulturni dogodek v Mariboru.

Vse to sem posnela in zmontirala v skoraj enourni, zvočni posnetek, katerega bodo obiskovalci performansa poslušali skozi hojo po Mariborskem otoku. Spremljali jih bodo plesalci » Contact Improvisation plesa«, Ljudskega petja, ter kajakški podvig na reki Dravi.

Performans je samo ena izmed mnogih prireditev, ki jih organizira FESTIVAL DRAVA 2017.



BioArt project

An installation about VEINS is in a making process at Zavod/Institute Kersnikova /Biotehna Lab.


I am exploring veins as a pattern which is responsible to carry life most important ingiridients and information from point A to point B. I am curious to present it by the roots and veins of life plants, their transpiration system and kondenzation.

The plan is to make a  sphere of two plants:

-one will represent a human -cointaining human blood

-another will contain a pigment which will tie to H2O, Caluim and Calcium (both ingridients flow only in plants veins).





At the same time we are developing a DIY Sap Flow sensor which goal is to measure a plants pulz (measuring temperatures in the plants stem). Its measurments will be translated into sounds, identifying the time of liquid exchange in the plants stems.



Finally, my goal is to present veins as a pattern which is a life importance system, not only in our bodies and plants but all over the planet.

Rivers and oceans are connected by water veins, our cities and villages are connected by roads, builing a web which is seen from the Universe.


It is all functioning by vein patterns or system.

To find a vein of water is as finding a life.





Aqua/Water    Terra/the Earth   Locus/Space   Galacium/Ice


An installation of mapping the paintings as exploring the spheres of the Earth and cosmos.  This works will be seen at the end of this year in the Gallery Domžale, Slovenia.



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In previous months I have been developing paintings, a visual part.I have collected texts which inspires me to explore it again and again. A philospher   Peter Sloterdijk  has written thee amazing books: “Spheres” (Vol I,II,III) where he talks about sphers of bubbles, foam and globes.Of course he touches all aprty of a human life, from politics and its history,  to globalization,  to faminism etc. His  poetic approach mixed with pure truth of nature feels like an infinite reading to me.

At the same time, I have been strongly inspired by the article of the  great Arctic performans of Vestand Page performative artists. They have truly experienced a life where there are no room, no time, neither emptiness.


Here is the first video out of four which are about to br done in next months.

I. Locus/Space





The trilogy Spheres is the philosopher’s magnum opus. The first volume was published in 1998, the second in 1999, and the last in 2004.

Spheres is about “spaces of coexistence”, spaces commonly overlooked or taken for granted that conceal information crucial to developing an understanding of the human. The exploration of these spheres begins with the basic difference between mammals and other animals: the biological and utopian comfort of the mother’s womb, which humans try to recreate through science, ideology, and religion. From these microspheres (ontological relations such as fetus-placenta to macrospheres (macro-uteri such as nations or states), Sloterdijk analyzes spheres where humans try but fail to dwell and traces a connection between vital crisis and crises created when a sphere shatters.








Aqua-Terra-Glaciem / Water-soil-ice


Recently, I have returned back to the painitng after 2 years of conceptual researching, installation making, multimedia and performance art.

It is like a quite break, yet it feels like a whole new world has offered me to  explore it. It is icy and freezed landscape, many details are apperaing and disappearing, therefore its my duty to make good decisions!

Nevertheless it might look like “a painting effect” my final idea lies in spatial experience of this landscapes…but first, they need to be uncover from the canvas…



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New experiments, new ideas…


Few weeks ago, I was deeply inspired by the sounds of whales. Amazing frequencies, sounds, songs, clicks and moves in the water, made me curious to explore it. With other words, to get to know more than we already know about this great underwater mammals.





My research is based on exploration of a pattern; concentric circles.

I am particularly interested into its »information« function, which seems to work mostly through the shape of a sound or vibration. It is a pattern of a communication of all living beings, including the planet Earth itself.

The theory of a concentric circles is usually used to present social behaviours, social communication structures and PR strategies. What I am interested in is a potential theory of concentric circles in nature, more precisely, its appearance as a 3D sonar, earthquake wave and finally as a »communication shape« in comparison to human. My aim is to present water as a universal matter.



Water is a matter which reflects each move, on the surface or in its weight. Each move is reflected as an echo, exactly the same as a sound which we leave in the air. Interesting thing is, that each information comes back to us. Here, I would like to make a comparison to human life. Each thought or a word is sooner or later returned into our life, even if perhaps in some other shape. It is about the »Echo effect« (or a »Butterfly effect«) of the information spread in the space and time.

Dolphins, whale and bats communicate on the base of Echolocation sounds. The word “song” is used to describe the pattern of regular and predictable sounds made by some species of whales, notably the humpback whale. This is included with or in comparison with music. Male humpback whales have been described as »inveterate composers« of songs that are »strikingly similar« to human musical traditions. It has been suggested that humpback songs communicate male fitness to female whales.



There are many theories which suggests that this mammals use a specific frequencies to find each other on a distance of 1000 kilometers and more, to locate the size and shape of the object in a distant time and space.




Interesting theory lies behind the »drop fall«. Every drop which falls on the waters surface, makes a trace of an information and disappears in to the waters depths. The only prove about one fall of a drop is a ripple trace on the waters surface or a weight of a drop in waters vacuum.

Furthermore, if we imagine to observe a simultaneous  falling of two drops, it does reminds us on two spots which try to communicate with each other. Two drops are vibrating in one space and time. Their traces x-crosses each others ripples, exactly as human brain vibrates with electromagnetic waves in the space and time. Water could be understood as a »vacuum space« or a »body«. Its liquid space is reflecting each move and sound.




My aim  is to present water as a universal matter which can transfer an information, either on its surface or in depths. Water field could present »a knowledge system« or a piece which transforms a typography of human communication into a sound or (and) move. My inspiration and a bibliography would be a physical »knowledge of a ripple«, by J. A. Fleming. (A course of christmas lectures delivered at the royal institution of Great Britain, «Waves and Ripples in the water, air and Aether«, 1902)


»The rate at which the centre of this active group of vibrating balls is displaced may be called the velocity of the wave-train. The velocity of the wave is, however, something greater, since the waves are all the time moving through the group. This wave-velocity is numerically estimated by taking the product of the wave-length and frequency of the motion. At this stage it is necessary to explain that waves are not merely a mode of motion ; they are a means of conveying energy. » (J.A. Fleming)

»,..Within this confluence of texts, a dialogue begins to emerge that recounts the ocean as a palimpsest for numerous journeys and experiences, from various cultures, some solitary and others shared,…« (Sam Trubridge, Performance research introduction »On Sea/At Sea«, 2016)


My intention is to connect sounds with the keyboards or microphones. The spectator would therefore, try to communicate with other spectators around the »water cube« (about3mx2m size), meanwhile observing its water traces in the pool. Microphones could perhaps directly connect spectators and water, therefore, the sound could reach its echo effect. With a good light design, water reflections could be projected on the walls around.




At the moment I am already testing sound waves above the waters surface, to find possible frequencies of sounds.  Finally, a key question of this research would be to explore the borders of communication and miscommunication.






Prints and Connections of the Earth A pattern of vain is printed in our bodies. It is  a unique connection which we share with all living beings on Earth. Through this pattern, we breath, we live. …

Source: Vains


Prints and Connections of the Earth

A pattern of vain is printed in our bodies. It is  a unique connection which we share with all living beings on Earth.

Through this pattern, we breath, we live. Blood is circulating through nerves, pumped up with the energy or electricity which gives our body a beat of life. The sky and the Earth are neverendlessly connected with this pattern; from the roots of the plants, to rivers and lightning storms, back to the floor, tree trunks and finally, leafs which collect water and minerals. Also our cities are connected with the same pattern, circulating with the same beat,  electricity and therefore, a life. Vains are a pattern of life.





Vains are represented on a graphical paper, as a »neverending« drawing of a black pen and a pencil. It grows fro the floor, through prints (Vernis-mou technic) of a tree leafs, which are most clearly signed with this unique pattern. Through the sounds of the; electricity, lightening, Nitroglycerin (which is most common ingredient with  oily texture) which flow through our vains, heartbeat and breath, spectator  gets the idea of »a whole picture«; the same pattern can be seen and heared in all living beings, even in the sky. Mentioned sounds are played on the  Mp3 which is  added by a magnet on the drawing (wall), so that spectator can listen sounds as coming directly from the pattern infront. One can feel all connections within himself, through the sound and image.



We are all connected with one pattern, therefore we are all one.