Prints and Connections of the Earth A pattern of vain is printed in our bodies. It is  a unique connection which we share with all living beings on Earth. Through this pattern, we breath, we live. …

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Prints and Connections of the Earth

A pattern of vain is printed in our bodies. It is  a unique connection which we share with all living beings on Earth.

Through this pattern, we breath, we live. Blood is circulating through nerves, pumped up with the energy or electricity which gives our body a beat of life. The sky and the Earth are neverendlessly connected with this pattern; from the roots of the plants, to rivers and lightning storms, back to the floor, tree trunks and finally, leafs which collect water and minerals. Also our cities are connected with the same pattern, circulating with the same beat,  electricity and therefore, a life. Vains are a pattern of life.





Vains are represented on a graphical paper, as a »neverending« drawing of a black pen and a pencil. It grows fro the floor, through prints (Vernis-mou technic) of a tree leafs, which are most clearly signed with this unique pattern. Through the sounds of the; electricity, lightening, Nitroglycerin (which is most common ingredient with  oily texture) which flow through our vains, heartbeat and breath, spectator  gets the idea of »a whole picture«; the same pattern can be seen and heared in all living beings, even in the sky. Mentioned sounds are played on the  Mp3 which is  added by a magnet on the drawing (wall), so that spectator can listen sounds as coming directly from the pattern infront. One can feel all connections within himself, through the sound and image.



We are all connected with one pattern, therefore we are all one.


Aqua-Hominum, an interactive dance performance, of water and human.

A reserach, based on relations of  specters of water and human corellation. 

A purification ritual, inspired by Native American “Sweat Lodge”, “Chineese lantern night” and  “Dr. Emotos philosophy  Waters memory” .





Video: Anne Fehres



“To understand water as a spectrum and a an universal matter.”



AQUA-HOMINUM, an interactive, dance performance about the purification, a ritual and the correlations of water and human.

A final piece has been performed on 11th of June, at Akademie theater at Janskerkhof, Utrecht, Nl.

Our aim, to create a time and space for the inner connection , “a silence moment” and an emotional state of letting it go…was delivered to each participant of the purification ritual.

A ritual has been created by the inspiration of a Native American Sweat Lodge and Chineese “Lantern evening”.

A performance presents water as a spectrum: of emotions, shapes and states, characters and inner spheres. All togehter, it is a ritual, an event to celebrate the grief, and a water which is inside and outside of the human spirit.

Untill we are patiently waiting for a representative video, you can take a look of the latest photographs, taken while the acctual performance.


Photographs: Baldwin Henderson

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final piece was performed!


On 11th of June, Aqua-Hominum, a dance interactive performance was presented at Akademie theatre of HKU, at Janskekhof, Utrecht.

We are proud and glad to know that our spectators had time and space to feel the water and its purification, calming affect.

There are many new questions on the horizon but  also many of it got its answers.

Water is however, always in the move and it keeps us alive and clean.

Thanks to all who participated in the ritual and in the time and space where water and human became one.


p.s.> This is only the first documentation so far! Many pictures and videos are yet to be published!

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aqua hominum flayer


You are kindly invited to  finally, participate at water performance or purification ritual.

Aqua-Hominum is an interactive, dance performance, where spectator becomes a participant of a water/ purification ritual, inspired by Native American ritual the “Sweat Lodge.”


Take a breath,

than a step into water,

feel the water, be a water,

purify and vibrate

in space and time.

We invite you to visit the performance “Aqua -Hominum” at 11th of June, Akdemie Theatre HKU, Janskerkhof 18, Utrecht.

There will be two performances ; at 18h and 20h.

Because of the  limited places of participants, we are aksing for the confirmation of your presence. Please send your conformation to!

first try outs


At the beginning of the previous week,  I have been given a chance to rehears with my team in the (school)theatre studio at Janskerkhof in Utrecht.

In 3 days of rehearsals and tests we have menaged to finaly merge both of the danicng parts togehter in one piece also develop kind, sensitive invitation inside the pool.

We are on the half way. There are still  many questions to be answered, many tests and rehearsals to be done…slowly but surely we are getting there!

Here is the recording of our first “open public rehearsal.”  14.4. 2016






In the next week, we will be rehearsing in the real, Groote Zaal! (Big hall) – HKU Utrecht.

New ideas and proposals which are on the list  are :

  • How to make, build, develop a technic of making the ” Womb” / tent ?
  • How to bring more deepness, more ” my reason why” which is also “spectators reason why”( meaning : feeling a lost, letting it go and finaly , make a step forward as purified of pain which caused tears,..Could that be ” my reason why”?)
  • At the end, to develop a performance and self depended installation where water and human come togther as two beings but one matter.

Will be continued…



water paint-video/ projection/ possible installation



How to make/ create a ritual?

Ritual : a set of actions in a visible order.

Sequence of activities including gestures, words, objects, dance, music and an image.

Is performed in a sequested splace and time.

“Doing is beliveing”

One of my possible actions of purification ritual is also to project my water-paint videos on the top of the tent-womb.





To emerse my spectators with water /purification I will also use sound and perhaps light design, interaction with the body as a shadow- as in a womb.

Here is one part of possible video, to project it on top or sides of the womb- inside space of the ritual where spectator becomes a participant- by choice.

To make a conclusion, this can become also a self-depended installation of purification.




A dance of water and human dancing with water

It has been a period of rehersals and tests!

Finally, here is a clearer idea about our dance performances.

My water ritual will have two dancing parts as an introduction into spectators participation . At the same time, whole performance is meant to be a ritual to honour and be aware of correlation between human and water.

Therefore, we will start with introducing “a water”- Yulia Kalinchenko.

She is a water- it flows, it moves constantly. It can be gentle as a drop, mysterious as a pond or lake, quick and smooth as a stream, fast as a river, mesmerizing as whirl, unstoppable as a wave of the sea, deep and destructiable as an ocean…





After water  has created life on Earth…human has been a water.

“Human dancing with a water”- Rebbecca Collins

What is a water? What is human relation to it and waters relation to human?

It can purify us/ clean our body, it feeds us, gives us minerals to live , to breath..

but it can be dangerous to us as well- can human be dangerous to water?

It is all connected no?

We are all one.



“Building, rehearsing, thinking&processing”

“It has been six months since I started making this performance. It feels like I was just thinking and sketching so far, the real work has just started or is still about to come. There are few words constantly running in my head:
It is about life, breath, movement, rebirth, purifing, to feel the water, to be a water, to touch it, smell it, to be a commnunity, to vibrate in space and time,..etc.

Here is a new one :
Nothing is still, everything is changing, circiling, floating. Water can not be fixed or stopped, it flows. So, I decided to listen to it and flow.”

A process of building is almost finished!

Here are some pictures of my ” artistic labour  days”

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1st. stage : curving the iron edge


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2nd stage : making the floor (1st part)


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2nd stage : making the floor / waterproofed floor- PVC plastic 2nd part

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3d stage: banding PVC sticks to create “a cabriolet system” for the tent

As you can see it has been almost a month of a hard work  and more or less technical way of thinking. After all, I am glad to finally see the result infront of me, just like I imagned it.

Next step: suing the tent!

22m of beautiful bege canvas.